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Hulk in a cup ?

So you don’t know yet but i’m a tea addict as i don’t like coffee, my faves are Green mint tea, Jasmine tea and Roiboos tea (extra rich in antioxidant). And as a curious person i really want to try matcha tea which is done with the powder of tea leaves. I first thought that i will buy one to try at a equivalent of Starbucks in my city (yeah i don’t have those 😦 ) But i couldn’t find one that sell it maybe i’m not hypster enough lol And then today i found this amazing recipe Matcha Coconut Latte at loveandlemons and i just want to buy all the ingredients and make this delicious drink. Plus it’s really healthy because matcha tea is more rich of nutrients as you “drink” the whole leaves and it’s perfect for people lactose intolerant as they use coconut milk. Matcha lover you can also find more recipes on the same site like matcha ice cream… Enjoy Advertisements