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Miracle plants

Plants killer (myself included) i found you the perfect plant !!! It’s seems air plant is a thing (didn’t know) and i would add that’s the holy grail of plant for people living in big cities. I explain myself, they don’t need to be rooted in water or soil !!! Still with me ?! (because i almost pass out of shock lol) Of course it will be too easy that the plant just live with air but it still quite convenient and if your interested (i’m sure you do) go check out the gorgeous site where i found this precious informations gatheredcheer Oh and i forgot i LOVE the use of copper in this DIY such a stunning idea 🙂 Advertisements

No more plain plants

Want to impress your family or friends ? I’ve just the perfect DIY projet for you 😉 Found on my fave blog sugarandcloth you can transform your plants (here cactus) into cinderella plants with lots of stunning ideas ! So you have no more excuses for having plain plants at home 🙂