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Chill out it’s Gazpacho time

Hey everyone it’s been a while ! I’m coming back with this amazing pic and Tomato Watermelon Gazpacho recipe found at I will say the obvious it’s a hot summer (feeling hot hot hot !!!)  here in France and i know it’s the same in a lot of countries around the globe ! Global warming effect i suppose 😦 With this heat, most of the time i’m not really hungry but thirsty, so what’s more perfect than a cool gazpacho to calm my thirst and nourish my body with good stuff. Advertisements

Frittatas Power

“Frittatas are always a good idea” dixit myself lol but really they’re perfect when you’re in a lazy mood and want something good quick, or just want a yummy brunch… They’re also a great way to use your leftovers, i usually do one once a week. My fave are onions + red bell peppers frittatas, simple but delicious 🙂 The recipe at Love and Lemons totally caught my eyes, first look at the mouthwatering pics and also i love the use of spinach and sundried tomato 😉 I’m sure you will enjoy this recipe ^_^

Freestyle Smoothies

Hi peeps ! How are you ? Here in Bordeaux (France) it’s almost summer we went to brrrr to hottttt 🙂 So it’s smoothie time !!! All my pictures were ugly so no smoothie pics 😦 This time it’s my own recipes and you will understand why freestyle lol It’s simple, healthy and quick 🙂 …

No More Plain Water

So, we all know that we have to drink lots of water… But plain water… Ugh… Boring lol But that’s was before 🙂 because i found 4 amazing fresh water recipes that will definitely make you drink your water quota. It’s healthy and seems so yummy !!! You can use theses recipes to create your own that will suit best your taste. Go check out this yumminess at sugarandcharm You’re welcome 😉

Warm Me Up

Hi everyone ! I hope you’re ok ? So they say it’s Spring ?! I guess here in Bordeaux (France) we didn’t get the memo 😦 But that’s ok because i can make yummy soups to warm me up, i have to admit i am a soup addict 😉 It’s easy to make, healthy and it’s my best tip to use all my vegetables before they go to waste, because we all forgot we have some in the fridge, and i’m always angry at myself when i discover rotten vegetables that i have to throw away. So main point, i found this yummy yummy soup recipe at minimalistbaker                               . I love the mix of asparagus with peas and look at this green ! I just want to drink it all ! Enjoy