Month: August 2015

Pssshiiit !!!

Another heat related post peeps ! So face mists are kind of conquering the beauty world and i would say that in summer that’s a must to keep you fresh and your skin hydrated but it can be pricey or not really natural so when i found a post on about DIY face mist with adorable free printable label to put on your glass bottle i almost scream of joy ! You will find three DIY face mist recipe and i’m so going to try the Cool Down face mist with distilled water + cucumber seed oil + aloe vera oil !!! It will be perfect to fresh out and calm the skin after being in the sun or just to cool yourself in a hot day. And how cute are the labels !!! Enjoy 🙂 Advertisements

Chill out it’s Gazpacho time

Hey everyone it’s been a while ! I’m coming back with this amazing pic and Tomato Watermelon Gazpacho recipe found at I will say the obvious it’s a hot summer (feeling hot hot hot !!!)  here in France and i know it’s the same in a lot of countries around the globe ! Global warming effect i suppose 😦 With this heat, most of the time i’m not really hungry but thirsty, so what’s more perfect than a cool gazpacho to calm my thirst and nourish my body with good stuff.