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Coconut Fever


I recently went to the darkside of the force and bought coconut oil and it’s been two weeks that i’m using the beauty/ healthy trend.

I decided to start strong and i went for raw organic coconut oil, there is a huge choice on amazon.

My first reaction when i opened it was “gosh love that smell” after that was “gosh love the texture” lol it’s solid but it melt when you touch it and become liquid.

So far i’m using coconut oil on my hair as a deep mask treatment and i have already seen the effects, my hair is more shiny and soft. I also use it on damp hair but you have to use just a little amount or you hair will be greasy.

I also use it as a body lotion and i have to say it’s a moment of paradise to put it on me and massage it so it can be absorbed by the skin. I use it twice a week after my evening bath it’s really rich so it’s not comfortable to wear day clothes in my opinion, but pyjamas just feel right lol

The reason i’ve chosen raw organic coconut oil is also because i wanted to try incorporating the oil in my every day diet which is not that easy when you’re use to plain rapeseed or olive oil… I tried but i don’t really like the after taste in a “vinaigrette” but i plan to use it for dessert i’m sure it will be perfect.

Are you using coconut oil ? What do think of it ? Please right your comment bellow.



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