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Stay Away From Me Citronella Candles


Summer is approaching and unfortunately what’s come with it… MOSQUITOS !!!

I don’t know if it’s me or the mosquitos but each year i react more and more to their vicious bites which by the way is not the more annoying thing for me but their sound, it makes me crazy !!!

So when came accross this amazing post i thought what a great idea !!!

First, you recycle tea tins (or whatever you want that can handle the heat of a burning candle) and your old candles which is totally ecofriendly 😉

Second, you use essential oils to perfume the candles, particularly Citronella well known as a mosquito repellent, which make the candles much more natural than the average and toxic repellent that you can find at the supermarket.

And third, obviously it’s really pretty !!!

So i strongly suggest that you check out all the details at Sugarandcharm


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