Month: March 2015

Warm Me Up

Hi everyone ! I hope you’re ok ? So they say it’s Spring ?! I guess here in Bordeaux (France) we didn’t get the memo 😦 But that’s ok because i can make yummy soups to warm me up, i have to admit i am a soup addict 😉 It’s easy to make, healthy and it’s my best tip to use all my vegetables before they go to waste, because we all forgot we have some in the fridge, and i’m always angry at myself when i discover rotten vegetables that i have to throw away. So main point, i found this yummy yummy soup recipe at minimalistbaker                               . I love the mix of asparagus with peas and look at this green ! I just want to drink it all ! Enjoy Advertisements

Spring Floral Enchantment

So apparently it’s Spring… i’m not really conviced as i’m still waiting for a warmer weather… But spring is not just a season it’s also a state of mind, time to start anew, to open our mind to new possibilities…  And time to decor our home with gorgeous floral arrangement !!! Found a beautifully done tutorial at stylemepretty Enjoy

Really Fancy Easter Eggs

So there are DIY eggs for kids and there are this DIY which is totally “boss” video game level if you know what i mean 😉 Look at the stunning pics !!! And what’s more ??? It’s really easy to make !!! So what are you waiting for ? Go check this awesome DIY and more at domainehome

Ice cream to die for

Hello ! I hope your week going well but if not i got the perfect thing for cheering you up 🙂 So it seems my wish i’ve been fulfill thank you Santa and of course sugarandcloth for this yummyness aka Macaron Ice cream !!! Yep now you can make this recipe, impress everyone and make yourself happy 😉 Enjoy and bon appétit

Easter Eggs Perfection

  Wowwwww…. that’s the first word that came to my mind when i’ve seen this stunning DIY from sugarandcharm I have seen lots of DIY easter eggs post and i have to say it’s one of the best i’ve seen in ages, it’s so creative, original and pretty !!! I’m sure it will make an huge impact on your kids and it’s seems fun to do 🙂 So go check out the full article 😉